It is widely experimented and proved that human brain can concentrate fully on a single issue for 50minutes then it is diverted to diffrent direction/issue

Even these 50minutes can be enough for efficient productivity . So Focus is very important in real life. Another hypothesis of Scientists says Human Brain at a time can concentrate on a single issue and cant concentrate on many multiple issues .

So what causes lack of focus ? First thing that decreases focus is lack of curiosity/intrest for something for instance if a person doesn’t like art then he/she cant learn arts and cant concentrate . So enthusiam should be there to increase focus in every field of life .

Another reason for lack of focus is doubts in minds . If having doubts in minds , someone is trying to focus then he/she will be failed . so Before trying to learn or trying to focus then try to clear your head/clear your doubts.

Stress/Depression is another and most dangerous cause of Lack of focus Stressfull mind cant focus on single issue and this type of mind is thinking of many issues at a moment and cant focus.

Unfavourable Environment with unwanted elements like noise pollution Unwanted people is also cause of Lack of focus .

If environment around you is noisy and disturbing Your mind cant concentrate So try to do

Yoga,Exercise etc before work or do meditation to increase focus and productivity

Try to be in a environment which is silent, Green and soothing . it can increase your focusing ability and ideas will come to you by interval of time

Go On Vacations/Breaks

vacations or breaks from work can minimize your stress and can increase concentration If feeling overworked take break from office and go to green lush valleys

Importance of Be Focused


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